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Innovative Venture Capital

Who we are

Investment in Talent

We invest in creative entrepreneurial prospects that show potential to influence the market and reform established business models.

Start -ups

We have expertly supported technology start-ups since 2000.


We network extensively within investor and technology sectors.

Experienced Team

Our interdisciplinary team has many years of business experience.

EnjoyVenture connects innovative business models to the future.

We are passionate about tech affine start-ups and businesses with whom we want to discover new trends and shape the future.

Send us your business plans and we can figure out how to do that together.

EnjoyVenture Büro Technik

Our office locations in Germany.

Our Portfolio

We should get to know each other!

EnjoyVenture’s experience, networks and investment strategies can lead innovations and teams to success.
EnjoyVenture | Innovative Venture Capital