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EnjoyVenture’s Portfolio

Since we were established in 2000, we have invested in more than 150 start-ups.

Our portfolio is diverse and benefits from exciting synergies within and between the individual portfolios. We collaborate with their teams and strive to overcome any challenges together, by taking a hands on approach where neccessary. We endeavour to climb new mountains with you and successfully get you to the summit of your sector.

– We support them every step of the way – often since the founding stage.
– They demonstrate visionary drive by excellent teams who are passionate, persistent and have staying-power.
– They have the potential to disrupt or transform markets in the target sector.

Current Portfolio


Exits mark the end of our collaboration with our portfolio companies. They are proof that founders and investors worked together successfully. Sometimes, reflecting on failures to gain new insights is a valuable part of that. In addition to that shared experience, one thing often remains: Staying in touch with the teams.